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Welcome to our blog! Here you will find posts about our wide range of therapy devices, products, supplements and more holistic tips and tricks! 

By: Jacob Chalupka

Supplement Highlights: Inno-Vita's Verdance

January 7, 2024 

By: Jacob Chalupka 

Inno-Vita describes Verdance as, “a great tasting powdered green drink supplement with carefully selected concentrated vegetables, fruits and herbs in whole and raw form that have been combined to provide balanced nutrition and an excellent source of health-promoting phytonutrients.”

Verdance is a general health supplement and while it does not specifically target any ailments it is a great addition to your wellness routine.

What do I mean when I say general health supplement? 

The combination of fruits, vegetables and superfoods support detoxification, aides in healthy digestion and boosts your immune system. It does this in part by protecting your tissues from those pesky free radicals we mentioned in last month's post on Inno-Vita’s Integra-Cell. If you missed that post just note that free radicals are misbehaving cells in your body. By keeping each cell happy and healthy they behave as they should to help your body perform as nature intended. 

We must disclaim that if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or part of a weight loss program we highly recommend you speak to your Chiropractor before taking Verdance. 

We sell Verdance in a 9 ounce bag for $49.50 which contains 30 servings of powder. Be sure to ask us about our Inno-Vita drink shakers as well!

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