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Advanced Rehab

Guided by one of the Providers in the office, clients are introduced to state-of-the-art equipment to assist on a path to healing.  One or all methods may be used, there are a multitude of possibilities within our Rehabilitation gym.  Not only is our gym specifically tailored to engage both brain and body by use of machinery, we also employ basic methods of training with free-weights, kettle bells, yoga and pilates style instruction and much more.  Individual sessions can be booked centered around the gym, or the treating Doctor may utilize one or more methods in conjunction with their method of healing.


Body Composition Analyzer

-This is your detailed and personal analysis of muscle mass, water weight, fat percentage, and daily caloric requirements.
- From here your Chiropractor, Dietitian, Doctor or Personal Trainer can help you to better plan and evaluate your nutrition and training programs.
- As you progress, the specific reports will encourage you and help you and your team redirect your training program for even better results.

TurboSonic Full Body Vibration

- 10 minutes on the TurboSonic gives you the same workout as 1 hour of cardio at the gym.
- This sophisticated whole body vibration machine increases blood and lymphatic circulation, targets specific muscles for strengthening, dissolves cellulite, and reduces joint and ligament stress.
- Developed by NASA to help strengthen astronauts in space, the whole body vibration is an experience that generates healthy tissues and a healthy body with very little effort.

In the paradigm of health consciousness, a quantum shift is happening through vertical, whole body vibration therapy, and more specifically, the TurboSonic. The Turbosonic takes ten minutes of your time and can improve your health, strength, endurance, muscle tone, stability, flexibility, and mental outlook without the constraint TurboSonic® patented technology accelerates the body's natural healing response, increases cellular oxygen circulation, enhances cellular nutrient uptake, stimulates cellular fluid movement and facilitates cellular waste removal.


Spine Force Core Strength

- The SpineForce goes right to the core, engaging the abdominal and back muscles for powerful posture and muscle tone.
- A real time monitor gives you moment to moment feed back, guiding you and demanding your full attention, like an incredibly attentive personal trainer.
- Strength, coordination, grace, and balance are the exciting results.

A gentle rejuvenating machine, SpineForce improves mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility and posture while reducing the onset of chronic back pain, fatigue and stiffness.  SpineForce improves the quality of life. 
SpineForce optimizes the performance of athletes and sports enthusiasts.  Conditioning up to 80 muscles at once, it stimulates key muscle chains, improving endurance, agility and balance.  More precise, powerfully controlled movements decrease fatigue, reduce the risk of injury and speed recovery times.
Conditioning the body from the inside out, SpineForce prevents the onset of debilitating structural conditions, visibly improving bone stature and physique.  SpineForce aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, simultaneously toning and firming the body for a firmer, slimmer figure.

-SpineForce Website

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