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Our Practitioners


Sai-Ling Michael, DC

Sai-Ling offers her patients a unique and remarkable combination of knowledge, wisdom, and abilities. Her influences range from assisting and mentoring with her father Dr. Victor Frank from the age of 14 in his pioneering work in human energy medicine, which she continues to expand and refine, to her Diplomate status in Neurology.  She weaves these influences seamlessly with an extensive array of systems-rehabilitation technologies and techniques.  She comprehends the human condition as a whole, and her nearly 30 years of experience allow a clear and insightful ability to communicate and help resolve underlying emotional and spiritual causes in illness.


Joshua Michael, DC​

Joshua was perhaps the last person to realize his own passion for healing.  His journey began at the very start of his life by the guidance of his parents, Sai-Ling and Kevin.  Constant chiropractic care, meticulously chosen nutrition, and an endless font of love gave Joshua a foundation of what true health means.  As a child, he role-played the medic, the priest, or the shaman; characters whose purpose is to heal others.  Yet he did not understand this passion until college, until he moved away.  For the first time, he no longer took for granted the care he was given.  Moreover, the desire to help his new friends in his new world finally blossomed.  After announcing his intentions, he soon became a valued and sought after energy therapist and assisted at the clinic during weekends and school breaks.  This only increased his passion, and so after finishing his undergrad study in neuroscience, Josh went straight to chiropractic, graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in 2009.  He focused upon physio therapy and rehabilitation under mentorship by Dr. Jensen and furthered by the Prague School of Rehabilitation under Dr. Kolar.  He actively pursues an advanced degree in Functional Neurology with the Carrick Institute, while seeking and exploring dozens of hands-on techniques.  His journey is far from complete, but he loves to share what he has learned thus far.  Joshua strives to educate and practice balance between the interplay of the structural, neurological, nutritional and spiritual elements of our lives.


Tim Barreto, DC

Tim has been in Chiropractic practice since 2004, yet has been a familiar and trusted contributor in both the healing and continuing health of a great number of patients in our clinic for well over 15 years. Beginning with Tim's assisting and mentoring with Dr. Kevin Michael at the inception of his development of Human energy healing, and then after receiving his degree in Chiropractic, he continues to grow as a valued colleague in that field.  Mentoring with Dr. Sai-Ling Michael has emphasized the blending of his talents with an uncommon degree of heart-felt compassion, and he offers his patients an unequaled experience of being competently cared for in their healing and maintaining of health.


Lynn Van Metre, DC

Lynn has joyfully pursued many avenues in the healing arts for over 30 years, and has been a Chiropractor and associate of Drs. Sai-Ling and Kevin Michael for the last 15 years. Lynn utilizes a bio-structural and social-spiritual approach in caring for her patients and continually draws upon her education in cranio-sacral therapy, kinesiology, nutrition, and Chinese Medicine to assist her in aligning the body and supporting what she knows is her patient's innate ability to heal. She continues her studies seeking an advanced degree in Oriental Medicine to offer her patients a rare blend of healing talents.  Please visit her website at .


John-Allan Macunovich

John-Allan has practiced as a cranio-sacral therapist for over 28 years, providing an exceptional level of care to his extensive list of grateful clients. Cranio-sacral therapy releases the fascia surrounding the nervous system and balances the flow of cerebral-spinal fluid, which surrounds the brain and spinal cord.  He has found his treatments especially beneficial for those dealing with headaches, TMJ problems, and other related ailments.  John-Allan’s constant companion (and helper) during most of his treatments is his dog, Teddy.


Dr. Beverly Driver

In 1994, Beverly received a MS degree and completed training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating cum laude from Pacific College Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Further studies concluded with board certification in acupuncture orthopedics in 1997, and an internship in 1999 at Beijing University Hospital's neurology department. The practice of Classical Chinese medicine began with an even deeper exploration in 2001. The generosity of a world renowned teacher of the Chinese classics continues to broaden her understanding of the interrelationships of nature to medicine and how this can influence our perception of wellness. Beverly feels there is an opportunity to participate in helping to expand how we perceive challenges to our physical, mental, and emotional harmony.


Sarah Trout, Esthetician


Sarah’s love for skincare started young while doing clay masks with her mother and soaking in
mineral pools in Desert Hot Springs. She has been a practicing Esthetician in Southern
California for the past 15 years. Sarah believes that healthy, glowing skin starts with targeted
home care, regular facials, stress management and of course a little patience.
She became licensed in massage therapy in 2014 so that she could treat not just the face but
the body as a whole. Facial massage is an integral component to boosting the youth and vitality
of the skin; targeted tissue manipulation instantly nourishes, plumps, and contours the face.
Sarah incorporates deep tissue, Swedish and myofascial release techniques in her facial and
bodywork practice.


Sofia Klass, Rehabilitation Therapist

Sofia Klass is a movement rehabilitation therapist, Pilates teacher, and dance theater artist. For over 13 years she has worked with people of all ages and abilities with a special focus on physical rehabilitation, mindful fitness, and Parkinson’s disease. After completing her B.A. in Dance from UCLA, she completed her Pilates certification with Marie-José Blom in 2007, her Yoga certification with Max Strom in 2008, her Dance for PD (Parkinson's disease) certificate in 2010, and her Gyrotonic certification in 2018. In 2020 Sofia received her M.F.A in Choreography and Dance from California Institute of the Arts. Over the years she has also immersed herself in studying the human body with continuing education at the college level in anatomy and physiology. She is known for skillfully tailoring her classes to the individual needs of her students. She brings her love for learning about the human form to her sessions through guided imagery, somatic approaches and the cultivation of self-awareness. At Evertruth Healing, Sofia offers a range of services including one-on-one physical rehabilitation sessions and/or weekly Pilates wellness sessions. The Evertruth gym has a wide range of equipment including a Pilates trapeze table and a reformer.

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