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Neuro Feedback Therapy

Micro-Current Stimulation is a form of Neurofeedback Therapy, involving a live (EEG) reading of the brain waves sent to a receiver, and in turn, individualized, low-strength electromagnetic current is sent back to the brain. This current causes a slight fluctuation in the brain waves, enabling the brain to recognize, and dispose of rigid and stuck patterns. Trauma, stress, and injury can cause the brain to get 'stuck' and use dysfunctional pathways. Micro-Current Stimulation allows the brain to 'reboot' itself by relaxing the nervous system, and allowing the brain to utilize its neural pathways in a more organized manner. Meaning that people feel more relaxed, resilient, and less reactive following treatment.

Helpful in the treatment of:

- Anxiety / Depression



- Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injury

- Mood (Anger, rage)


- Headaches & Migraines

- Addiction

- Insomnia

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