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By: Jacob Chalupka

Langenburg Oxygen Water

November 29, 2023

By: Jacob Chalupka 

Evertruth Healing is proud to sell and promote Langenburg Oxygen Water. 

A brand with more than 35 years of research and experience. Originally founded to provide medical grade water to hospitals and health groups in Germany. The response was so great they decided to provide the water worldwide. 

Thanks to patented purification technology, Langenburg produces some of the highest quality water. They could use water from any well or pool, however they choose to use water from natural aquifers, and springs in Oregon, the state credited to having the highest quality water in the United States. 

What makes Langenburg Oxygen Water special? 

There is a lot to love in every bottle of Langenburg Water. First and foremost it has a pH level of 7.7 which is a perfect alkalinity for drinking. Thanks to state of art purification all metal contaminants, industrial pollutants, chlorine and fluroine are removed. The water is mineral balanced and structurally restored offering you better water than you have drank in a long time.

If Superman could be a bottle of water this is what he would be. Thanks to the patented purification technology this water does far more than hydrate you. 

Langenburg Water can:

  • Oxygenates your cells 

  • Hydration of cells and tissues 

  • Aides in transporting nutrients throughout the body

  • It detoxes your body and eliminates additional waste

  • Jumpstarts your immune system

  • Promotes weight loss by burning fat 

We sell Langenburg Water for $4.00 per bottle or a case of 12 for $48.00, and yes we are more than happy to take it to your car for you.

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