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Begin Your Journey to Health



Evertruth Healing Center will remain open during normal business hours. If you are feeling symptoms of an illness (fever, cough, body aches/chills, congestion), please do not feel pressured to come to your appointment, instead stay home at this time.  Please give our office a call to reschedule and/or cancel any appointments as soon as possible.  We are currently well stocked in our supplement products and happy to assist in maintaining your optimal health during this time.

Our Philosophy

Are you willing to explore with us an ever-evolving path to true healing? We are committed to continuing the search for the most effective tools and techniques to make them accessible to you.

Many functional health issues have been resolved with the application of holistic medicine and guided nutrition.  Additionally, these modalities and tools have also proven effective in preventing more serious challenges and diseases. Chiropractic alignment has long been a secret of entertainment celebrities and professional athletes in pursuit of optimal health and longevity.

Since the 1940's, health sanitariums were the place to go for rejuvenation and relaxation.  We have brought the hydrotherapy, electro-stimulation, manual massage, chiropractic and magnetic healing applications into a modernized form for your benefit and well-being.

We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with families that are wise and savvy to natural methods of healthcare, as well as those who are seeking a new method of healing.  Our place is welcome to you as your support to an ever changing world mixed with new discoveries in science and medicine as well as the accumulating pollution from toxic technological insult to our environment.  Sometimes going back to the simple, natural methods of healing is safest and best.

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